What is this going to cost me? For testing? For the trial? For the machine?

All initial testing/screening is free of charge. Up to a 2 month trial may be provided free of charge. In some cases a refundable deposit will be required to use trial equipment. If your doctor feels CPAP therapy is right for you, equipment will cost between $1,000 and $2,700 depending on your needs. While the Provincial Health (MSP) does not cover any portion, your extended health benefits may assist. The price of the equipment covers service for life from IRS.

How long does it take to get used to CPAP?

Generally, clients can adjust to CPAP in 1-2 weeks. Occasionally, it may take longer, our trial process and dedicated support will ensure your best chance of success.

How quickly after starting CPAP therapy will I feel less tired?

It varies from person to person, some feel immediate improvements, others take a while longer. Your sleep apnea severity also plays a role in this.

Do I need to use CPAP every night?

It is important to continue your prescribed therapy, CPAP therapy will 100% control sleep apnea as long as you continue to use it.

What if I travel overseas?

CPAP units are portable and you should take it with you. CPAP units have an internal converter, making it very easy to travel overseas as long as you have the correct plug adapter for the country you are travelling to.

  • Please Note: Your CPAP unit should be a carry-on item for airplane travel.
  • If you are camping, special adapters can be ordered; contact the RT in your area for more information.
  • Humidifier chamber should always be completely dry before moving your CPAP machine or readying it for travel.

What problems can occur while I am using CPAP?

  • Nasal stuffiness, congestion, or dryness
  • Dry mouth
  • Mask air leaks
  • Sore, dry or red eyes
  • Skin irritation from the mask and/or air
  • Sensation of too much air in the chest
  • Sensation of abdominal bloating, cramping or gas
  • Persistent sleepiness despite regular use of CPAP
  • Feeling claustrophobic with the mask
  • Waking up having taken the mask off

These problems should be addressed with your RT and/or physician and suggestions will be made to alleviate any issues/discomfort.

How will I know if my CPAP pressures need adjusting?

You will need a CPAP titration (adjustment to pressure) if:

  • You have recurrence of your sleep apnea symptoms – excessive daytime somnolence, snoring, unrefreshing sleep.
  • You have significant weight gain or loss.

If I lose weight, can I stop using my CPAP?

In general, weight loss may improve the severity of your sleep apnea, but does not necessarily cure the sleep apnea. However, it is possible that significant weight loss (more than 10% of your body weight) can mean the pressure settings could be lowered. Re-evaluation of your sleep apnea should occur after significant weight loss.

Will my blood pressure improve after I start CPAP?

Sometimes, but do not alter your current medications; always consult your doctor.

Will I ever be able to stop using CPAP? Will I ever be cured of my snoring and sleep apnea?

Unfortunately, OSA is a long-term condition with no known cure at this time. However, CPAP therapy is the most 100% effective therapy to control sleep apnea as long as you continue to use it.

Does the machine give me oxygen?

No oxygen is a prescribed drug. The CPAP machine takes air from the room and pressurizes it before moving it over the heated humidifier and out to the patient mask.

Does my health insurance cover the costs of CPAP?

Yes, in many cases private health insurance will cover the cost of cpap and supplies. It is always best to phone your insurance provider to find out the details of what your coverage is under your plan.

Does the Province of BC cover the cost of CPAP?

Medical Services Plan (MSP) does not cover therapy at this time.

How often should I replace my filters? Mask?

Be sure to clean your mask and inspect for signs of wear (stiffness, cracks, tears). Masks are disposable and are meant to be replaced. Filters should be changed regularly especially if you have increased pet hair, dust or pollen in your home.

What do I use to clean my CPAP and water chamber?

Please see our complete cleaning resource section.

CPAP Cleaning Instructions Page

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