Medistrom Pilot 24 Plus CPAP Backup Power Supply

Pilot 24 – CPAP Battery

The Medistrom Pilot-24 can be used with your CPAP machine in order to prevent the therapy from stopping in the case of an overnight power outage.

With Pilot-24, you can rest assured that you won’t be woken in the middle of the night to find that your CPAP machine is not running. If the power is interrupted at night, your CPAP machine will drive power from your Pilot-24 without stopping. Once the power comes back on, the machine will continue using the power from your power outlet.

The Pilot-24 can be also used as a PORTABLE CPAP BATTERY during travel. Your CPAP Machine will run off the battery when the regular power source is not available in situations such as camping, road trips, and during air travel.

The Pilot-24 comes with additional features that are essential during power outages such as an LED light, night enough for you to be able to find things around. Pilot-24 also includes a USB port which can be used for charging cell phones and other hand held devices.

  • Capacity: 100 Wh
  • Size: 19x12x2 cm
  • Weight: 1.8 lbs
  • Cell types: Industrial grade genuine rechargeable lithium ion cells manufactured by LG®
  • Output voltage: 24V for CPAP, 5V for USB
  • Life time: approximately 500 full discharges
  • Approximate usage: Varies depending on the pressure and other settings of the PAP device.
  • Charging time: ~2.5 hours
  • Pilot 24 Backup Power Supply/CPAP Battery is compatible with ResMed PAP devices.
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