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Oxygen Therapy uses supplemental oxygen to increase the level of oxygen carried in your blood.

Oxygen is a Physician-prescribed medication that is used for short and long-term durations depending on a person’s needs. Oxygen Therapy is delivered through small prongs that sit in the nostrils, or with a mask that covers the nose and mouth. Oxygen Therapy can normalize oxygen levels in your blood.

What are the Benefits of Oxygen Therapy?

  • Improves quality of life and can allow you to be more independent, mobile and active
  • Improves sleep, mood, mental alertness and stamina and allows individuals to carry out normal everyday functions (American Lung Association)
  • Can decrease the sensation of shortness of breath
  • New technology enables clients to be active without the concern of running out of oxygen
  • Compact portable systems weighing as little as 10 lbs have been approved for air travel by most major airlines
Oxygen Therapy Benefits

How Can IRS Help

  • After Referral: A representative will schedule a consultation for you with our Registered Respiratory Therapists (RRT) within 48 hours of referral, or sooner if urgent.
  • Initial Assessment: You and your RRT will review your health history and complete an Oxygen Assessment.
  • Results: Your test results will be provided to your Physician for review and they will determine if Oxygen Therapy is required.
  • Treatment: If we receive a prescription from your Physician we will contact you to arrange an appointment to setup your Oxygen Therapy. A report of your progress will be sent to your Physician.
  • Ongoing Service & Support: Scheduled therapy follow-ups will occur, and you are welcome to contact us anytime for assistance.
  • Financing your therapy: We will help you access Extended Health Benefits and other funding options. Flexible financing is also available.
  • Follow-up assessments: System maintenance and Physician communication are part of IRS’ commitment to providing exceptional service.

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