Oxygen Therapy Safety

Oxygen Safety Information

Oxygen is a non-flammable, non-explosive gas. It does NOT burn; however it does support combustion.

Any material that will burn in air will ignite more readily in an oxygen-enriched environment.

How To Be Safe When Dealing With Oxygen Equipment

  • DO NOT SMOKE, or, allow anyone to smoke around the person wearing the oxygen, within 10 feet of the oxygen equipment.
  • DO NOT use oxygen within 10 feet of an open flame (candles, gas barbecue/stove, campfire, fireplace, pilot lights, incense burner, etc.). This includes: concentrators, cylinders, and tubing.
  • DO NOT use aerosol sprays around oxygen.
  • NEVER lubricate oxygen equipment. Also, the person wearing oxygen should not use petroleum-based products on their face or chest, these are oil-based products and are highly flammable, and could burn readily in the presence of oxygen. Water-based products are available and are recommended.
  • Cylinders should be supported (so they do not fall over abruptly), at all times, as they are under high pressure. Store them either lying down on their side, in a cart, or in a padded carry bag.
  • Keep oxygen cylinders/equipment secured when traveling in a vehicle.
  • Post an Oxygen in Use sign at the entrance to your home, readily visible, when oxygen is in use (provided by IRS upon set up).
  • When using an oxygen concentrator, do not store it in a tight, confined space. Concentrators need at least 6 inches, or more, all the way around as they are pulling the air from the room into the system through the side filters and need to vent and dissipate heat.
  • DO NOT use extension cords with oxygen equipment.
Home Oxygen Setup

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