How common is Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)?

According to the Canadian Lung Association, OSA affects 4% of adult men, 2% of adult women. OSA can affect children as well, usually those with enlarged tonsils. It is estimated that 75% of those with OSA go untreated.

What causes the airway to collapse during sleep?

Extra tissue in the back of the airway such as large tonsils decrease in the tone of the muscles holding the airway open.

The tongue falling back and closing off the airway

Is OSA a serious health concern?

OSA is a serious health concern, leaving it untreated increases your risk of cardiac arrest, stroke and high blood pressure. Snoring is a sign that OSA may be present therefore if you snore, especially if you snore loudly, and reported being excessively tired during the day, you may wish to speak with your doctor about getting tested for OSA.

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