After being diagnosed with complex sleep apnea at the UBC Sleep Disorders Clinic, I was referred to IRS to obtain a CPAP machine. The staff at IRS were all extremely friendly, helpful and professional.

I was amazed at how much better I felt after only a few nights using the CPAP machine! I am afraid I was not an easy patient as I had significant difficulty in obtaining the right mask and in ascertaining a pressure where I could use a standard CPAP machine rather that going to a BIPAP.

My therapist at IRS, was extremely patient and knowledgeable and worked with myself and the UBC clinic to get me into the right machine, using the right pressure with the right mask. In the end I wound up with a full face mask and CPAP at 17.0 pressure. These are both working extremely well for me.

IRS looked after all the paperwork with my Extended Healthcare Provider and have been great with follow-up advice and service.

I was very lucky to find IRS as my first stop when looking for a CPAP machine. I am extremely happy with the services they provide and I have no hesitation in referring my friends to IRS.