After being diagnosed with OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) at UBC Sleep Disorders Clinic I was referred to IRS by them for CPAP trial and therapy.

My experience with both the IRS staff and the CPAP itself has been nothing less than great. The people who worked with me in the 6 week trial period were very professional and personable with me and helped me in the learning curve of using the CPAP device to alleviate my Sleep Disorder.

The results have been very positive for me and I continue to have access to the staff for any questions that may arise as I adapt to this therapy.

I am very grateful to IRS for everything they have done for me as well as their ongoing support with my CPAP usage. The machine I purchased from them works like a charm.

I would give IRS my highest recommendation for anyone with Sleep Apnea needing treatment and support.