I have known that I had a snoring problem since I was a child. As soon as I got married, my wife told me I had to do something about the snoring because it was going to drive her crazy. That was 21 years ago! She is not crazy, but is sleep deprived; or should I say ‘was’ sleep deprived! The very first night I used the machine, my wife was thrilled to say she didn’t hear me snore once!! First time in over 40 years I didn’t snore and wake my family! I always put off getting tested for sleep apnea because I thought it was going to be a big hassle because I live in a small isolated community.

Thinking I would have to miss work and leave town to sleep in some clinic hooked up to machines kept me from doing what I obviously needed. Wow was I wrong. Not only did I not have to leave my home, the Fort St. John office is so well prepared to assist people who live in the region but who are still too far away for the office to be convenient, that the entire process was not only easy, but actually enjoyable. The testing was simple; everything I needed to do the testing was sent up on Greyhound with easy-to-use return, prepaid waybills. In 3 days I had my test done, and equipment for trial use for the month. Fast and easy. The staff were very professional and friendly and any questions I had were just an email away. Even though I wasn’t available for phone calls, the Fort St. John office still contacted me weekly and left a message describing what they were going to do to adapt my treatment (all remotely via modem!).

Once the trial was done, again it was less than a week and I had my new machine, they even let me try each different mask prior to purchasing. I didn’t even have to deal with my Extended Health provider, I provided IRS my info and they did the rest! The customer service was over and above what I expected and the relative ease of getting to the end result was a very pleasant surprise. I can’t say enough about the ‘well oiled machine’ that is the IRS Fort St. John office!! I look forward to a continued relationship with this office as my treatment needs continue.

I can’t thank the entire staff at the Fort St. John IRS office enough!!!