Resmed AirCurve 10 S

ResMed AirCurve™ 10 S

The ResMed AirCurve™ 10 S device is indicated for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in patients weighing more than 66 lb (30 kg). It is intended for home and hospital use.

The ResMed AirCurve™ 10 S is a fixed-pressure bilevel device that is ideal for non compliant CPAP patients and delivers effective, comfortable therapy for a wide range of patients. It comes with an integrated humidifier and wireless communications capability.

The ResMed AirCurve™ 10 S also features optional Easy-Breathe waveform, Vsync leak compensation technology that provides patient–device synchrony, TiControl™ and adjustable trigger and cycle sensitivity.

The humidifier is intended for single patient use in the home environment and re-use in a hospital/institutional environment.

  • Device with HumidAir™ integrated humidifier
  • Water tub
  • Air tubing
  • Power supply unit
  • Travel bag
  • SD card (already inserted)
  • Power: 90W power supply unit
  • Operating Temperature: +41°F to +95°F (+5°C to +35°C)
  • Operating Altitude: Sea level to 8,500′ (2,591 m); air pressure range 1013 hPa to 738 hPa
  • IEC 60601-1:2005 Classification: Class II (double insulation), Type BF, Ingress protection IP22.
  • Pressure Sensor: Internally located at device outlet, analog gauge pressure type, -5 to +45 cm H2O
  • Flow Sensor: Internally located at device inlet, digital mass flow type, -70 to +180 L/min
  • Device will shut down in the presence of a single fault if the steady state pressure exceeds: 30 cm H2O for more than 6 sec or 40 cm H2O for more than 1 sec.
  • Dimensions: (H x W x D): 4.57″ x 10.04″ x 5.91″ (116 mm x 255 mm x 150 mm)
  • Operating Pressure Range: 3 to 25 cm H2O
  • Supplemental Oxygen Maximum Flow: 15 L/min
  • Complies with all applicable electromagnetic compatibility requirements (EMC) according to IEC60601-1-2:2007, for residential, commercial and light industry environments.