Everything was made easy to understand and the therapist was very helpful. IRS was recommended by my doctor and I would definitely recommend to others.

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Abbotsford, BC

My therapist was a God send, I really believe that I would not be here today if it wasn’t for her. My wife and I were out of work when I was told I would need a BIPAP machine and the price. We called my therapist and told her we would give back the loaner machine because we had No Money to buy a new machine. She went right to work and helped us get government support in purchasing a machine it took weeks and weeks and when I thought we were beat, my therapist never stopped.

I owe her not just my gratitude but my LIFE!!!!! She never once treated us different because we didn’t have the money in fact it was the total opposite. You have some great people working for the company and you have figured out how to market COMPASSION. Thank you for everything you did for me I owe you all my life and hopefully I’ll be able to repay you for your efforts. And if you don’t acknowledge my therapist and give her a BIG RAISE, you are missing out in securing one of your most important and valuable assets.

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Abbotsford, BC

The therapist at IRS Abbotsford could not have been more helpful. We had a critical deadline to meet for the air transport of a very frail old gentleman in need of oxygen support therapy for air transport at altitude. They had the equipment ready and waiting, complete with the extra battery packs required, even though we had to move the air transport date up a week, the equipment performed flawlessly, setup required only 3 button pushes. The patient had a safe and comfortable journey, even though the trip was from coast to coast. I cannot thank the staff at IRS Abbotsford enough for helping to make the logistics of this project manageable.

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Dr. M
Abbotsford, BC

I recently had been diagnosed as having severe sleep apnea. I was then directed to Independent Respiratory Services in Vernon B.C. The experience I had for the testing and trial of the machine were amazing. The staff guided me through each aspect of the different masks I was allowed to try different masks until I found one that worked for me. The CPAP machine had to be adjusted several times till we got it just right. The staff is there for you on the phone guiding you on how to adjust your machine and also in person, they call you through your trial period once a week.

My experience with them was a life changer. I had been tired for a long time, I took vitamins and iron supplements thinking that would help, I got up several times a night and now with the help I have received I now sleep through the night and wake up refreshed and full of energy. No more begin cranky and tired. The quality of my life has improved so much and I cannot say enough good things about my experience.

So do not give up keep going with it till you get it right and you too can have a life changing experience. A very happy customer!

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Vernon, BC

I have known that I had a snoring problem since I was a child. As soon as I got married, my wife told me I had to do something about the snoring because it was going to drive her crazy. That was 21 years ago! She is not crazy, but is sleep deprived; or should I say ‘was’ sleep deprived! The very first night I used the machine, my wife was thrilled to say she didn’t hear me snore once!! First time in over 40 years I didn’t snore and wake my family! I always put off getting tested for sleep apnea because I thought it was going to be a big hassle because I live in a small isolated community.

Thinking I would have to miss work and leave town to sleep in some clinic hooked up to machines kept me from doing what I obviously needed. Wow was I wrong. Not only did I not have to leave my home, the Fort St. John office is so well prepared to assist people who live in the region but who are still too far away for the office to be convenient, that the entire process was not only easy, but actually enjoyable. The testing was simple; everything I needed to do the testing was sent up on Greyhound with easy-to-use return, prepaid waybills. In 3 days I had my test done, and equipment for trial use for the month. Fast and easy. The staff were very professional and friendly and any questions I had were just an email away. Even though I wasn’t available for phone calls, the Fort St. John office still contacted me weekly and left a message describing what they were going to do to adapt my treatment (all remotely via modem!).

Once the trial was done, again it was less than a week and I had my new machine, they even let me try each different mask prior to purchasing. I didn’t even have to deal with my Extended Health provider, I provided IRS my info and they did the rest! The customer service was over and above what I expected and the relative ease of getting to the end result was a very pleasant surprise. I can’t say enough about the ‘well oiled machine’ that is the IRS Fort St. John office!! I look forward to a continued relationship with this office as my treatment needs continue. I cant thank the entire staff at the Fort St. John IRS office enough!!!

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Fort St. John, BC

I was very unhappy to be diagnosed with sleep apnea and very reluctant to accept the seriousness of the situation. I was upset at having to wear a mask so when the respiratory therapist showed me the nasal pillow it meant a lot to have that option. The respiratory therapists were patient and understanding. They spent time explaining what I needed to know, helping me to feel comfortable, and always willing to answer my many questions. The therapist showed me the original test results and my numbers were high. He said that our goal was to get my numbers down to 5 and after just one week of using the cpap, my number plummeted to 1.1 That was very good news!

Prior to being diagnosed with sleep apnea I was always exhausted, achy, had trouble remembering and focusing, and felt generally ill. I began to feel better quickly and even though it took some time getting used to this treatment, I am very happy to have energy again, and to be feeling well again. My rheumatologist explained that my body will continue to heal and I will become healthier with time.

Thank you to the therapist and the other staff. I appreciate all that you have done and also your continuing support. Knowing that you are there if I need assistance in the future is reassuring. As I work full time and had to take time off for my appointments, I appreciated being seen promptly as scheduled.

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Penticton, BC