My experience with your staff at your Victoria, Bay Street location has been just short of a miracle and is ongoing. The therapists there are the ultimate professional employees that you can be proud of. They left no stone unturned to ensure I had the correct equipment for my several conditions and as a result am a very satisfied customer, sleeping and breathing comfortable. I highly recommend IRS, their equipment and Service to anyone that is looking for help.

Kind regards.

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Victoria, BC

I was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea a few years but was hesitant to take the first step in trying out a CPAP machine. When my husband became increasingly alarmed about the gasping noises and the fact that I would temporarily stop breathing I decided to take the plunge. My doctor referred me to the IRS Clinic in Victoria where I met the therapists and thus began a recovery program.

My therapist was so patient and understanding and willing to help me overcome my aversion to the masks that it was not long before she found the perfect one for me. Both the therapists were very encouraging and helpful and understanding so that the visits to the clinic were very pleasant – not to mention extremely helpful.

There are adjustments to be made when starting to use a CPAP and the numerous phone calls I made were always handled in a very pleasant way. They are both so busy with so many clients but they never rushed me.

Now that I am used to my mask and equipment I am sleeping much better and feeling less tired. I also know that I can always call them if I need advice. Bravo to these two terrific women!

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Victoria, BC

After being diagnosed with complex sleep apnea at the UBC Sleep Disorders Clinic, I was referred to IRS to obtain a CPAP machine. The staff at IRS were all extremely friendly, helpful and professional.

I was amazed at how much better I felt after only a few nights using the CPAP machine! I am afraid I was not an easy patient as I had significant difficulty in obtaining the right mask and in ascertaining a pressure where I could use a standard CPAP machine rather that going to a BIPAP.

My therapist at IRS, was extremely patient and knowledgeable and worked with myself and the UBC clinic to get me into the right machine, using the right pressure with the right mask. In the end I wound up with a full face mask and CPAP at 17.0 pressure. These are both working extremely well for me.

IRS looked after all the paperwork with my Extended Healthcare Provider and have been great with follow-up advice and service.

I was very lucky to find IRS as my first stop when looking for a CPAP machine. I am extremely happy with the services they provide and I have no hesitation in referring my friends to IRS.

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Vancouver, BC

Hi, the IRS staff was great from the receptionist to the therapist, everyone. The Service was always great.

The CPAP has made me more rested and keeps me from other medical problems. My doctor, endo and eye doctor think it is great that I did it.

Listen, try and relax you will get use to it. I am a very light sleeper and I hate anything on my face but that fear and discomfort soon passed.

Thanks to the IRS staff.

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Vancouver, BC

I was diagnosed with sleep apnea a number of years ago and, on the advice of my doctor investigated the purchase a CPAP machine. Unfortunately, my first experience was NOT with Independent Respiratory Services and turned out to be a horrible and terrifying experience.

I suffer from claustrophobia and was immediately turned off by the masks the therapists suggested I use. In spite of my complaints and concerns, I was offered no alternative and I gave up on the whole thing. I looked into the use of an oral appliance but that too ended in failure and frustration.

Three years passed and I was still suffering the effects of the sleep apnea. It came to the point where it was affecting by personal and professional life which left me no alternative. I had to revisit the idea of a CPAP machine. This time IRS was recommended and everything was different.

I was welcomed by the therapist whose concern for my claustrophobia was paramount. Instead of a mask, I was offered nasal pillows. Instead of being frustrated, I was encouraged and supported by the therapist. It was enjoyable experience – not a struggle.

The trial period with a machine allowed me to familiarize myself, and even experiment with the equipment. The weekly visits with my therapist allowed me to ask questions and better understand my apnea.

It’s been nearly six months since I began my therapy through IRS and it has changed my life. I’m now to the point where I cannot sleep without my machine. For the first time in years I am sleeping… really sleeping. I feel better, I’m told I look better and my life in general is much improved.

Thank you IRS.

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Vancouver, BC

I was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea when I was 8 months pregnant. I was very reluctant to trial CPAP but I had heard it could transform the lives of people with OSA so I gave it a go.

The first few nights that I used it were great; I slept for long periods and loved being able to comfortably breathe through my nose for the first time since I could remember. I woke in the mornings feeling refreshed and full of energy instead of groggy and lethargic.

After the initial success and as my pregnancy progressed I started to find it harder to tolerate the CPAP. I would lay awake feeling as if I was concentrating too hard on my breathing or I would find it hard to get into a position that was comfortable with the mask. I gave up using the CPAP completely in the days leading up to the birth of my daughter and for the few days afterwards. It wasn’t until we came home from the hospital that I realized just how great CPAP was. My sleep apnea was worse than ever because I was so exhausted. I managed to get 3 – 4 hour stints of “CPAP sleep” whilst my husband looked after our daughter and it made the world of difference to me. It gave me the quality of sleep that I needed to have enough energy to keep up with a young baby.

It’s been five months since I started using CPAP and I still battle with image issues and wish that I could sleep normally without looking like an elephant! The nights of battling with the machine are now far outnumbered by the nights of good, comfortable sleep. I just have to keep reminding myself that I feel so much better when I sleep with the CPAP. The most important thing of all, especially now I have a daughter, is that I know it’s hugely beneficial to my long term health which acts as a powerful motivator for me.

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Vancouver, BC