I was very unhappy to be diagnosed with sleep apnea and very reluctant to accept the seriousness of the situation. I was upset at having to wear a mask so when the respiratory therapist showed me the nasal pillow it meant a lot to have that option. The respiratory therapists were patient and understanding. They spent time explaining what I needed to know, helping me to feel comfortable, and always willing to answer my many questions. The therapist showed me the original test results and my numbers were high. He said that our goal was to get my numbers down to 5 and after just one week of using the cpap, my number plummeted to 1.1 That was very good news!

Prior to being diagnosed with sleep apnea I was always exhausted, achy, had trouble remembering and focusing, and felt generally ill. I began to feel better quickly and even though it took some time getting used to this treatment, I am very happy to have energy again, and to be feeling well again. My rheumatologist explained that my body will continue to heal and I will become healthier with time.

Thank you to the therapist and the other staff. I appreciate all that you have done and also your continuing support. Knowing that you are there if I need assistance in the future is reassuring. As I work full time and had to take time off for my appointments, I appreciated being seen promptly as scheduled.