Being on a 7 week CPAP trial period was a trial at times, but the therapist made it bearable and even pleasant. The therapist provided impressive client service and support. After several changes with the mask, until one suited me best, the CPAP trial was better but not necessarily easier – it is a mask & machine of course! The therapist was also very accommodating with my appointment times, providing alternative hours and places, which was an absolute destressor.

Since this trial was to figure out a possible solution to my sleeping difficulties, I was determined to stay on track – it was my health no less, and I kept on track. The therapist never made it feel like a business but rather she honestly wished for me an improvement in my sleep and health, so I never ever felt pressured to purchase the CPAP after the trial was over.

Nonetheless, I did end up purchasing a CPAP machine and mask, but not for my sleeping difficulties, but for other health improvements and benefits I received from being on it – go figure! Hope you let the trial work out for you – it is your health no less!