I was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea a few years but was hesitant to take the first step in trying out a CPAP machine. When my husband became increasingly alarmed about the gasping noises and the fact that I would temporarily stop breathing I decided to take the plunge. My doctor referred me to the IRS Clinic in Victoria where I met the therapists and thus began a recovery program.

My therapist was so patient and understanding and willing to help me overcome my aversion to the masks that it was not long before she found the perfect one for me. Both the therapists were very encouraging and helpful and understanding so that the visits to the clinic were very pleasant – not to mention extremely helpful.

There are adjustments to be made when starting to use a CPAP and the numerous phone calls I made were always handled in a very pleasant way. They are both so busy with so many clients but they never rushed me.

Now that I am used to my mask and equipment I am sleeping much better and feeling less tired. I also know that I can always call them if I need advice. Bravo to these two terrific women!