My therapist was a God send, I really believe that I would not be here today if it wasn’t for her. My wife and I were out of work when I was told I would need a BIPAP machine and the price. We called my therapist and told her we would give back the loaner machine because we had No Money to buy a new machine. She went right to work and helped us get government support in purchasing a machine it took weeks and weeks and when I thought we were beat, my therapist never stopped.

I owe her not just my gratitude but my LIFE!!!!! She never once treated us different because we didn’t have the money in fact it was the total opposite. You have some great people working for the company and you have figured out how to market COMPASSION. Thank you for everything you did for me I owe you all my life and hopefully I’ll be able to repay you for your efforts. And if you don’t acknowledge my therapist and give her a BIG RAISE, you are missing out in securing one of your most important and valuable assets.