I was diagnosed with sleep apnea a number of years ago and, on the advice of my doctor investigated the purchase a CPAP machine. Unfortunately, my first experience was NOT with Independent Respiratory Services and turned out to be a horrible and terrifying experience.

I suffer from claustrophobia and was immediately turned off by the masks the therapists suggested I use. In spite of my complaints and concerns, I was offered no alternative and I gave up on the whole thing. I looked into the use of an oral appliance but that too ended in failure and frustration.

Three years passed and I was still suffering the effects of the sleep apnea. It came to the point where it was affecting by personal and professional life which left me no alternative. I had to revisit the idea of a CPAP machine. This time IRS was recommended and everything was different.

I was welcomed by the therapist whose concern for my claustrophobia was paramount. Instead of a mask, I was offered nasal pillows. Instead of being frustrated, I was encouraged and supported by the therapist. It was enjoyable experience – not a struggle.

The trial period with a machine allowed me to familiarize myself, and even experiment with the equipment. The weekly visits with my therapist allowed me to ask questions and better understand my apnea.

It’s been nearly six months since I began my therapy through IRS and it has changed my life. I’m now to the point where I cannot sleep without my machine. For the first time in years I am sleeping… really sleeping. I feel better, I’m told I look better and my life in general is much improved.

Thank you IRS.