Löwenstein Medical Prisma SmartMax & Soft Max Now Available

Prisma Smart Max and SoftMax CPAP machines by Lowenstein Medical provide comfort no matter your therapy needs. The Prisma SmartMax and SoftMax offer a clinically proven algorithm providing different pressure settings built to your needs.

Enjoy the easy-to-read display, simple user navigation, and more comfortable sleep with the softPAP pressure relief setting.

*CPAP device available only in white.

With a Löwenstein device, you will enjoy:

  • A whisper quiet machine allowing you and your bed partner to sleep peacefully.
  • Enjoy a classic easy-to-read display, simple user navigation and sleek design. 
  • Track your therapy with the user-friendly Prisma smartphone APP.
  • Plus a removable humidifier to make travel easier.

Added comfort with you in mind: 

  • Fall asleep more comfortably with the softPAP pressure relief setting allowing you to ease into your therapy.
  • Get the sleep you deserve with the additional expiratory pressure feature. 


Lowenstein Medical Technology is a pioneer of medical products with over 70 years of medical German engineering experience and a trusted partner of the Air Liquide family of brands since 2019.

Prisma PAP Machine Models

Lowenstein Medical Prisma SmartMax

The Prisma Smart Max is a high-quality auto-CPAP device that offers advanced, unique comfort therapies for personalized treatment.

Lowenstein Medical Prisma SoftMax 

The Prisma Soft Max fixed CPAP device offers event detection increasing your therapy comfort.

  • Whisper quiet machine.
  • A removable humidifier makes travel easier.
  • Multiple comfort and custom therapy settings.
  • Multiple comfort settings:
    • Slow pressure rise providing you more comfort as you fall asleep.
    • Reduced pressure while you exhale for added support.
  • A quiet motor your bed partner will love!